Teacher Talk: Language Modeling and Conversation

Conversations help young children develop and learn new skills. Through this workshop, participants will learn how to utilize “thick” conversations, expanded conversations, questions and novel words. These skills will help Teachers to build and extend children’s vocabulary; assist children in learning how to communicate more clearly and accurately; provide opportunities to learn new concepts and skills; and foster children’s ability to communicate their feelings and ideas verbally. Prerequisite knowledge required: Knowledge of developmentally appropriate stages of language development."
OCC Approval Number: CKO-4860
Clock Hours: 4
Core of Knowledge Area: 4 Hours: (1 Hour Child Development & 3 Hours Curriculum)

Conversations  help  young  children  develop  and  learn  new  skills. Through  this  workshop,  participants  will  learn  how  to  utilize “thick” conversations,  expanded  conversations,  questions  and  novel  words.    These  skills  will  help  Teachers  to  build  and  extend  children’s  vocabulary;  assist  children  in  learning  how  to  communicate  more  clearly  and  accurately;  provide  opportunities  to  learn  new concepts  and  skills;  and  foster  children’s  ability  to communicate  their  feelings  and  ideas  verbally.